MTT recuperated micro gas turbine for micro CHP systems

The MTT recuperated gas turbine design is based on low cost high-performance micro turbomachinery technology suitable for efficient gas turbine cycles in the 4 kW electrical power output range. With a recuperator, a large portion of the exhaust gas heat is recovered and electrical efficiency levels beyond 20% can be realized.

The current development program focuses on a heat demand driven micro CHP system to replace heating boilers for households and SME’s. During the development, large attention is given to cost price, reliability and low maintenance. The overall efficiency (accounting for the higher value of electric power) of the micro CHP system will be substantially higher than current condensing (HR) boilers. The pay back time of the system will depend on the users’ profile, but will normally be between 2 and 4 years. CO2 savings of up to 6 tonnes per year can be realized for each system installed.


While natural gas is the initial fuel of choice for the domestic micro CHP application, liquid fuels such as heating oil or diesel are required for the CAP (truck parking heater/APU) application and for domestic micro CHP at locations without access to a natural gas distribution grid. A separate development program has been started for development of a clean combustor for liquid fuels that will comply with future emission requirements.

Future developments

Future designs will include micro turbines with improved component efficiencies of compressor, turbine and recuperator and also higher cycle pressure ratio, resulting in significantly higher electric efficiency levels. In addition, MTT develops the rotating combustor concept, in close co-operation with universities and knowledge institutes.

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