MTT's range extender

Electric cars are considered to have great potential for a environmentally sustainable future. With their low or zero emissions, they have raised large interest from governments, energy companies and car manufacturers.

The limited range of these types of automobiles is still a serious problem. It is still impossible to match the range performance of liquid fueled cars without recharging. Charging a car battery can take up to 12 hours.

Breakthrough developments on battery technology is not to be expected in the next few years. Additionally, an infrastructure for fast recharging is still unsufficient and will take years to implement.

The use of a Range Extender (RE) solves these problems. A RE has to be small sized, lightweight, requires affordable pricing and clean or low emissions.

MTT’s micro turbine technology perfectly suits these requirements. Power levels up to 15 kW will be sufficient as RE for small and medium sized cars, being the majority of the automotive market.

MTT has developed a concept for a Range Extender.

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