MTT micro turbine Lab: low cost R&D environment for gas turbine research

MTT has developed a gasturbine lab environment which is based on its 3kW micro turbine. It can be used both for educational purposes and for R&D and application studies. Due to its small scale, the MTT micro turbine lab is a cost effective solution for universities and R&D institutes. The micro turbine lab is small size and has a low weight, allowing easy and simple installation. Due to its low requirements on infrastructure (gas supply, electricity connections, exhaust piping etc.), installation and operation are comparable to a domestic boiler. These advantages result in low investment cost and very modest operating cost (low fuel consumption and maintenance).

The MTT micro turbine lab is equipped with extensive instrumentation and user friendly control interface which makes it very suitable for a gas turbine practicum (award winning LabVIEW design). It will help to understand the principles of operation of a gas turbine. Actual test results can be used for thermodynamic cycle performance calculations and compared with gas turbine cycle models. Effects of different operating conditions can be analyzed which will give insight and understanding of the operation of a gas turbine.

The MTT micro turbine lab can also be used for R&D and application studies. This can be for example for component development:

  • Variation of compressor and turbine geometries
  • Novel combustion concepts
  • Hot section materials
  • Performance optimization studies

But also application studies for cogeneration concepts (like CHP and smart grid) are possible with MTT Micro Turbine LAB.

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