With the first EnerTwin units commissioned in Dresden and Bielefeld (DE) in June 2013, MTT has recently completed its first year of field testing. During this phase 1 field testing, MTT’s main objective was to validate the reliability of the EnerTwin and to further improve the design and maintainability of the system. Since the end of June 2013, MTT has gradually deployed 12 systems, of which 8 units have been placed in realistic field test locations, which have now jointly clocked over 22.000 hours. Only a limited number of engineering type issues have been found, which have meanwhile been addressed. Another 4 units have been delivered to various R&D institutes for supporting tests and analyses.

While we keep the systems deployed in phase 1 running to obtain more experience, MTT has recently started preparing itself for the phase 2 of the field trials. Main objective of this phase 2 is to gain more experience and to collect data on specific use cases. We are very pleased to have learned from our field test partners that they are all prepared to participate in the phase 2 field trials.